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Vintage Decoration Style and my Vintage Images Library

In this blog I would like to share with you some of my favorite images related to Vintage Style on Interior Design. I am a fan of vintage. Not sure how it has started, but I think that the influence of my passion for the style vintage emerged after my move to Europe in 2004.
I learned about history to understand what happened in each decade and past centuries, I start to study the history of customs and behaviors,objects, architecture and details that make up story ... At school I use to like History subject but never thought that I would identify with it in adulthood. I work in fashion and I can say that history is in all fashion, history and fashion goes hand in hand. Every two collections, at least one of them we rely on some past decade. Vintage as a lifestyle is a way of seeing the world, a behavior. 
Other called of oldies, but if you know how to give a touch of simplicity and sophistication into the mix between new and old. I guarantee you will love playing with this style of decorating. The images below illustrate some vintage objects, mixing colors and simplicity. Leave your comment below or post impression. Super obliged and even! Mara Jager x

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