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Vintage Decoration Style and my Vintage Images Library

In this blog I would like to share with you some of my favorite images related to Vintage Style on Interior Design. I am a fan of vintage. Not sure how it has started, but I think that the influence of my passion for the style vintage emerged after my move to Europe in 2004.
I learned about history to understand what happened in each decade and past centuries, I start to study the history of customs and behaviors,objects, architecture and details that make up story ... At school I use to like History subject but never thought that I would identify with it in adulthood. I work in fashion and I can say that history is in all fashion, history and fashion goes hand in hand. Every two collections, at least one of them we rely on some past decade. Vintage as a lifestyle is a way of seeing the world, a behavior. 
Other called of oldies, but if you know how to give a touch of simplicity and sophistication into the mix between new and old. I guarantee you will love playing with this style of decorating. The images below illustrate some vintage objects, mixing colors and simplicity. Leave your comment below or post impression. Super obliged and even! Mara Jager x

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Wrote by Mara Jager

quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012


Did you know that Famous Denim or Jeans wear fabric is the oldest in the world?! Yes, the word Denim was published in the United States for the first time in 1792. Levi's was the inventor of the denim wear and made the Denim happen in the world.
The interesting story about Levi Strauss that was a door to door salesman and had just arrived in San Francisco in 1853.
In 1872 he received a letter from Jacob Davis alfaite who had invented the rivets to pants. Jacob needed a partner to help him patent and manufacture this new type of rivets. Levi agreed to the agreed and later in 1873 the company LS & CO was founded. Together they build and Improved the Construction Pocket Pants.

Levi Strauss on the picture on the left died in 1902 and left his estate to his four nephews, Jacob, Louis, Abraham and Sigmund Stern-who helped rebuild the business after the great earthquake in 1906.
Bellow you see the miners early denim trouser .
The state of California was the largest producer of denim around 1915.  But in the '20s Levi's was the largest producer of pants for workers and miners. On the industrial revolution.
At the entrance of 1930 when cowboy movies captured the big screen, the Authentic Cowboys wore Levi's bringing the myth of the Denim and its great fame.
In 1940 wartime, Americans got their favorite product and decided to sell to the world. But it did not happen until later date.
In 1958 a newspaper published an article saying that "90%" of young Americans wore jeanswear, they start to wear it to occasions and even going to church. The Jeans then exploded into womenswear, and started to make part of your wardrobe and your day to day.
By 1960 the trend had spread throughout Europe and Asia and then turned Fever Jeans worldwide.
 In 1970 Jeans was considered more than an attitude about clothes but a lifestyle.
The Jeans have gone through all the decades revolutionizing in its different forms and features to grow and be reinvented to the world. It is present in our lives and attitudes today. I hope you have enjoyed the fascinating history of jeans like me. Until next time! Mara Jäger

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

New York Retail Stores Vintage & Visual Merchandise Stores

New York Vintage & Visual Merchandise Stores
As you already know vintage fashion never fall out of fashion and vintage does not mean old but connection between the new and the old the mix of the modern with antique. Remember details that never fall out fashion and are contemporary and cool with a modern twist to it. In this picture below you see a layout of a cute visual merchandiser. The ultra-modern dress dummy dressed in Antropology Store in New York. I believe  that this layout & display helps to sell the vintage concept for the  modern/ contemporary housewife.
In this picture below you can see how objects are used to decorate the environment and to characterize the brand, boutique or store. This shop is based in New York and its a Men's clothing store based in Soho New York . Very nice and well decorated with vintage antiques and objects.
Below you also can see another store witch has been decorated with vintage style on its visual merchandise decoration. It Denim Store specialized in Men's Denim only, it is a very nice store, within this same environment still has a stylized flowers shop inside in the corner of the shop at the back with and vintage style too. You can see on the image some elements of florist and flowers that give a very nice tone nostalgic touch for the vintage look and feel.
These stores are unique in the world and its decoration too. These are stores that are only found in the fashion designers route and you get there by indication since its not easy to find or it would be easy if you really know the area. These stores are located in New York near the East Village Soho. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Leave a comment. Super thank you.
Mara Jager x